Friday, March 4, 2011

Coerver Soccer DVDs

If there's one soccer training DVD that works, it's the Coerver Coaching DVDs. Why? Because all of the Coerver drills and training ideas are based around the soccer ball and getting comfortable on the ball.

In the end, that's what soccer is all about, skills, touch and control of the soccer ball. To become a great soccer player, to become a pro, you have to master the soccer ball. That means becoming an expert dribbler, passer, juggler, shooter, and so on. The Coerver DVDs or their method is not a magic pill that you can take and all of a sudden become Lionel Messi, but helps guides young players who are just learning the game. The keys are good fundamentals, which Coerver gives you, and then training on your own and the desire to become great.

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