Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DirtyTackle Interviews Landon Donovan

Donovan talks soccer and more with one of the funniest soccer blogs around:

DirtyTackle: Speaking of MLS, after playing against teams like Man United and Chelsea, is it hard to get motivated for a game against, say, FC Dallas?

Landon: Well, there’s – motivation is inside each person. So a lot of people think that because you play Man U or because you play in a World Cup or whatever that’s where you get your motivation. If that’s what you’re waiting for to get your motivation, then you’re not gonna make it as an athlete. My motivation comes from inside, to perform the way that I know that I can perform, whether I’m playing a scrimmage against UCLA, against Houston, in LA, or Man United, or England in the World Cup. For me it’s all the same, so that’s, uh, that’s a non-issue.

Read the full interview here.