Monday, April 12, 2010

Bellamy Quote

Bellamy is a superb footballer but doesn't think he'll stay at Manchester City and doesn't feel close to his many of his co-workers:

"I don't feel close to footballers. Sometimes when I see certain things I'm ashamed to be a footballer,'' he told the News of the World. "I don't go to nightclubs, I don't go to lounge bars, I don't spend my days shopping. That doesn't interest me. I spend a lot of time with my children at home. That's where I feel good.

"I don't know how to be on the pitch as a tourist. Some lads do that but I can't. When I play, I play for real. I never pretend.

"I know I get carried away by emotion. I have always been like that. I don't give a toss whether that pleases people or not. I do my thing. What counts for me is the respect of my family, people who know me, my manager and my team-mates.''