Sunday, November 22, 2009

LA Missed Dema Kovalenko

Sadly he missed the MLS Cup final with what I hear was a viral infection. There's a nice piece about him in the NY Times:

But Kovalenko strolls into the Galaxy’s locker room with a not-so-menacing 12-pound Lhasa apso named Bentley tucked under his arm.

The presence of Bentley, who responds only to commands in Russian, comes with the permission of the team’s coach, Bruce Arena, and the blessing of the equipment manager, Raul Vargas, who had a nameplate made for him.

The dog is so dear to Kovalenko that he placed Bentley under his seat last winter when he flew to Ukraine to visit his family. Just hearing his name turns a pit bull of a player into a pussycat.

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