Monday, October 19, 2009

Robbie Rogers: Tips from Juergen Klinsmann

Robbie Rogers talks about the game against Costa Rica and how he developed into the player he is today, which is a potential World Cup roster winning player, a European club landing player, and just a general rising star. Rogers is unique because he can got at defenders and create goals.

FANHOUSE: You spent time with Juergen Klinsmann while growing up in California. What impact did that have on your development?

ROGERS: In Huntington Beach I played some PDL and some men's league with him. He played under a fake name. He didn't want media and other people coming out. He just would teach me little things on the field, talk to me off the field, talk to my family about what he thought maybe would be a good way for me to develop as a young player, as a young professional. Just gave me different ideas about soccer.

I remember him always telling me that the only time that you're really going to be playing well is when you're happy. I went to Holland and I wasn't happy and I wasn't playing the way I want to be playing. That for sure, happened. Just when I watched him play. He was always moving and always running. He was never stagnant, always playing quickly. I definitely learned from him just playing beach soccer and pick-up games. He was definitely someone I watched when I didn't know him, and then when I got to know him he was a great person as well, a great role model. He really helped me.

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