Monday, July 20, 2009

Who's Standing Up for Beckham?

I've been posting and writing about The Beckham Show the past few days, mainly because I disagree with a lot of what other sites and blogs are saying about Beckham. I think all the people who've trashed Beckham lately haven't ever played soccer at a high level or perhaps at all. And I'm not saying I played at an extremely high level either, but I did play and can see what Beckham brings to the game.

Beckham had a hand in both goals in the game versus AC Milan. And, if Eddie Lewis had a right foot he would have had a hand in three goals. But the move that showed what Beckham brings to the game was just before he came off the pitch. He played a couple of beautiful give and go passes with Galaxy forward Bryan Jordan along the right touchline - quick, short, crisp passes. The final pass a deft touch that put Jordan nearly through on goal, if Jordan only clipped the ball around the last defender or put the ball through his legs.

I'd like to hear what other MLS players have to say about Beckham. Do they want him in the MLS? Do they think he's unprofessional? Most soccer players are now probably scared to say anything though, since Grant Wahl's book came out. Now, most MLS players are probably going to give the rote and boring post game cliches, so they don't end up in a book.

And I know Beckham is making a pile of money, but the guy can play. Donovan said it himself: "There's not another player on a team in this league that can make those plays. It was an exciting game."

If you look at the Galaxy now, they are definitely more well rounded side. And, most importantly, they have a keeper in Donovan Rickettes. LA Galaxy fans should be made not so much at Beckham, but the management, for getting rid of Joe Cannon a few years ago and then taking forever to sign a keeper like Donovan Ricketts.

Do you remember the moment where Gregg Berhalter tried to head the ball over the goal early in the first half against AC Milan, and Ricketts tipped the ball over the bar? Well, last year that would have been a goal and the LA team would have fallen on it's face after that.

Beckham brings an intensity to the game that I think many fans don't appreciate just yet. He may have to leave for them to realize what he brought to the game.