Thursday, June 18, 2009

Give Freddy Adu a Shot

What does Freddy Adu have to do to get on the field? I know it’s too late for him to play for Ghana, and I know he doesn’t want to or should he, but he’s earned some more time on the pitch for the national team. Especially when the United States keeps getting crushed. He is a player who can do the unexpected. He is creative. They’ve got to give him a chance. The US loses to Brazil 3-0 and he doesn't get on the pitch.

The one reason he's not getting on in the Confederations Cup is that the US has gotten two early red cards and been a man down, but still, Adu is young and needs the experience, especially if you plan on using him in the World Cup.

For Adu, he's got to find a new club team to play for, and actually play. And he shouldn't come back to the MLS, just find a team in Europe, whatever country, that will let him play 90 minutes.