Thursday, June 11, 2009

CR7 to Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo will join his old friend Ruud Van Nistelrooy at Real Madrid. What will Manchester do with the pile of money they just got from the seemingly inexhaustible Real Madrid bank?

Perhaps the Cristiano trade will turn United back into a more cohesive side. They did come to rely a bit too much on Cristiano in many ways. If Barcelona proved anything, it was that the side who shared the ball the most ends up on top. United, with Cristiano, were of course a terribly successful side, and he scored some of the biggest goals for the club. At times, carrying the club on his back to win games. But now, maybe the team can actually gel together more and win games collectively. It's a hope at least. Or, they could cede the reigns to Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. I doubt that, will all the money they have gained they can buy top players and look towards the future.

Now Real Madrid has Kaka and Cristiano, who are they going to get rid of? Guti for one I'm sure.

Price tag for transfer: $131 million dollars.