Thursday, April 16, 2009

Richard Dunne: Worst Professional Soccer Player Ever?

I'm tired of seeing Manchester City lose games due to Richard Dunne. Sure, this UEFA loss wasn't entirely his fault, at least he didn't score an own goal, but he hurts his club a lot more than he helps.

Why in the world would you keep him on your team, and even name him captain, when you're going out and spending big money on players like Robinho. It defeats the whole purpose. You buy a player who can help create goal scoring chances but keep a player who scores own goals and gets red cards and repeatedly fouls player unnecessarily.

Today, as Manchester City battled with Hamburg, Dunne kept fouling players when their backs were turned to goal, they weren't going anywhere, and the referee continued to warn him. He was on a yellow card and still didn't stop.

City had a ton of chances in the game, Elano cracking both the cross bar and the post with impressive free kicks. And Felipe Caicedo scored a great goal but he also missed a few sitters. The point is though, for City to become a big time club they're going to have to get rid of some of their old time players, and they'll have to start with Dick Dunne.