Sunday, December 7, 2008

What I Watched This Weekend

Manchester United did their usual never give up and win the game in the dying minutes. How can you not like a team that repeatedly never gives up? Wayne Rooney played tirelessly. Cristiano Ronaldo limped off with a rib injury.

Over in Spain, I caught some of the Villarreal game and again Jozy Altidore was starting upfront and played the entire game. Villarreal was able to come back and tie the game after they were down 3 nil. In the final seconds of extra time it looked like Jozy had a chance to dive and slide in a shot by Rossi, but for some reason he didn’t. He just stood there watching. Jozy looked a bit off in this game – I’d like to see him throw himself into the mix a bit more next time.

At the Camp Nou, it was Henry scoring a hattrick as Barcelona waltzed to a 4 nil victory over Valencia as Eto’o watched from the stands with Iniesta, who is injured. I’m assuming Eto’o was injured too. The second goal by Barcelona was pure brilliance, and Messi didn’t even touch the ball in the six pass sequence. Hleb sets up Henry perfectly for the finish in the end, putting the ball on a platter for his former Arsenal teammate to knock home.

Over in Germany, Luca Toni notched an injury time goal to put Bayern Munich on top 2-1. Compared to Barcelona, Bayern played a sloppy brand of soccer. However, it was not a style lacking in fight or desire to win. If there’s a theme in this post, it’s that the big clubs believe they can win until the very end and never give up. I wonder if Landon will find a place in Bayern's team? I hope he tears it up. I could see him working well with Franck Ribery– both are quick and use the ball skillfully and smartly.

This week there are some Champions League matches to look forward to.