Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eto'o Scores Four

I think Pep Guardiola should give Eto'o a huge bonus if he continues to play the way he's playing or at least not be so hesitant to give him a hug.

Before the season started Pep said he didn't need Eto'o and he wasn't in his plans. Eto'o has only scored goal after goal for Barcelona and everyone one them with a big smile. Sure, Messi has had a hand in nearly every goal, and is the engine that creates all the chances for Barca, but Eto'o is just a class player and turning into a legend at Barcelona.

Eto'o has scored 90 goals for Barcelona in total in his career with the club. His work ethic, passion, joy, passing, and goal scoring talent has made him a fan favorite. His four goals against Valladolid brought the fans to their feet when he came off late in the game.

On another note, I think Barcelona's Gudjonsson might be making more money playing for Barcelona than his country has in the bank. What a unique player Gudjonsson is, a surprise to most in the way he can deftly get around defenders and shield the ball. I don't think many thought he become the player he's become for Barcelona. If a player from Iceland can play for two of the biggest clubs in the world, in Chelsea and Barcelona, who can't achieve their dreams.