Monday, October 27, 2008

Donovan to Europe?

It looks like Donovan wants to give Europe another shot, and I hope he finds the right team and is able to have some success - find a team in the EPL or La Liga and score some goals over there. But it didn't seem like Beckham was all that excited about Donovan leaving nor was he so high it seemed on Donovan tearing it up over there. I thought he'd sell Donovan a bit more. I thought he'd say more than good luck:

Beckham backed his team-mate's ambition but said he hoped the American would stay at the Galaxy in 2009.

''I'd like to see him remain here but he's 26 years old, I've heard the rumours about him going to Europe and if he does, good luck to him.

''He's a good player, everybody knows that and he's succeeded here in the US so if he does get the chance to go to Europe and enjoy some success over there it's down to him.

''Obviously I hope he stays here because he's valuable to the team.''