Friday, September 12, 2008

AIG Manchester Sponsorship in Doubt?

What happens to the AIG logo on the Manchester United Jerseys if AIG goes under or is bought out by another company? Will they have to change up their jerseys mid-season? Has this ever happened?

It seems unlikely that AIG will collapse, but it is possible. Their stock dropped 30% today as more worries about mortgage exposure came to light.

I'd think a company like Herbalife would be more likely to fall apart, as some snafu develops in one of the nutrition products - but I know nothing about that company really. It certainly would be a disaster though for the already troubled LA Galaxy Beckham machine.

Players for Manchester United, the U.K.'s legendary football (soccer) club, will be sporting AIG logos on their shirts for the next four years. Man United's chief executive David Gill announced yesterday, April 6, at a press conference at Old Trafford that the club had agreed to a £56.5 million ($98.88 million) deal with American International Group.

The agreement is the biggest of its kind in English football, and will run for four years from the beginning of next season.