Monday, August 11, 2008

Lalas Is Fired; Ruud Resigns

Not really a surprise, as the rumors were swirling around that someone was going to be on the outs. LA had lost seven games in a row, something or someone had to give. Now Cobi Jones is the interim coach. This must be very frustrating for Beckham, can't really focus just on soccer with the coaching situation always in doubt. They rallied last year and nearly made the playoffs. This year they'll have to do it again.

"There are two good people that for different reasons aren't part of this organization today, and that's a shame," Leiweke said. "The fact is, the players have to look deep inside themselves and understand they have to be responsible for some of this.

"Am I angry we find ourselves in the situation we find ourselves in? Yes. This is not a fun week. The Galaxy hasn't made the playoffs for a couple years. Punting on this season is not acceptable. It starts Thursday."

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