Sunday, August 3, 2008

Huckerby: Burst of Speed

It was another Englishman who lit up the pitch in Oakland early on, and that was Darren Huckerby. I meant to get out to Oakland to watch the game live, but got up a too late to catch BART and get out there. Yeah, I was out the night before and slept in longer than I thought I would – the game was at noon though, and early start even still.

But what caught my attention from the get go was the burst of speed that Huckerby showed during the game. I think he is the only player in all of the MLS who attacks the space and goes at players with some gusto and purpose. Perhaps there are a few other players who will take players on at pace, Landon Donovan being one, but nobody really attacks the space and shows a true change of pace. Jaime Moreno will go at player but he sort of glides wonderfully along – teases the defender into making a mistake. Huckerby is a welcomed addition to the MLS, how much is he getting paid?