Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jozy Altidore's NY Times Blog

I'm sure you're aware of Jozy's blog over at the NY Times, but if not, it's a great read and definitely worth check out from time to time. He's set to stay at Villarreal for at least the first half of the season - hopefully he tears it up and stays longer.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Lalas Is Fired; Ruud Resigns

Not really a surprise, as the rumors were swirling around that someone was going to be on the outs. LA had lost seven games in a row, something or someone had to give. Now Cobi Jones is the interim coach. This must be very frustrating for Beckham, can't really focus just on soccer with the coaching situation always in doubt. They rallied last year and nearly made the playoffs. This year they'll have to do it again.

"There are two good people that for different reasons aren't part of this organization today, and that's a shame," Leiweke said. "The fact is, the players have to look deep inside themselves and understand they have to be responsible for some of this.

"Am I angry we find ourselves in the situation we find ourselves in? Yes. This is not a fun week. The Galaxy hasn't made the playoffs for a couple years. Punting on this season is not acceptable. It starts Thursday."

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jog Through the Park

Barcelona jogged through Central Park before they played the Red Bulls in New York, but the jog through the park wasn’t much different than the actual match. It was a game of keep away and a few darting runs here and there that resulted in goals. The conceded goals were more out of laziness and boredom.

Samuel Etoo came off at half time and was sitting on the bench all showered and changed. He wore a gold watch that was probably worth more than most of the Red Bulls player’s salaries. And remember, this is a game where Barcelona was without Messi, as he’s in China scoring goals for Argentina. Etoo is still on the fence it sounds like, will he stay or will he go? I just can’t see how Barcelona will let him leave. He notched two goals in the last two pre-season friendlies. Sure, it’s not like scoring again top La Liga sides, but they’re goals nonetheless. He has to be one of my favorite players. He’s plays with such energy and enthusiasm yet is clinical in his finishes.

New Barca signing Alexander Hleb looks like he will fit in well to the Barcelona side. He was constantly turning Red Bull defenders inside and out. Is he as good as Deco? He’s a different type of player, perhaps a bit more dynamic although less of a laser precise type of passer. But with Iniesta continuing to play better and better, Barcelona can live with out Deco. Asked what the Red Bulls could take away from this game, John Harkes side a lot of good fitness work, he’s right. The ball doesn’t get tired remember, and Barcelona had it the whole time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Huckerby: Burst of Speed

It was another Englishman who lit up the pitch in Oakland early on, and that was Darren Huckerby. I meant to get out to Oakland to watch the game live, but got up a too late to catch BART and get out there. Yeah, I was out the night before and slept in longer than I thought I would – the game was at noon though, and early start even still.

But what caught my attention from the get go was the burst of speed that Huckerby showed during the game. I think he is the only player in all of the MLS who attacks the space and goes at players with some gusto and purpose. Perhaps there are a few other players who will take players on at pace, Landon Donovan being one, but nobody really attacks the space and shows a true change of pace. Jaime Moreno will go at player but he sort of glides wonderfully along – teases the defender into making a mistake. Huckerby is a welcomed addition to the MLS, how much is he getting paid?