Friday, May 30, 2008

The Ass Pass

There’s the safe back pass to the keeper to clear the ball. There’s the brilliant and clever back (body part) pass by Ronaldinho. But now there's something more, we have Blanco’s pass with his own back side.

Yes the ‘ass’ pass. Skip to the end of the video below to see the highlight clip. The pass is at the 10 minute mark. Sure, Blanco's got a bit more 'ass' to shield the ball with but you probably didn't think he could use it to pass. I wonder if Kim Kardashian could use her booty like this.

See the video...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Red Beats Blue: Manchester United Win

A few themes that I came away with...

Peter Cech saved The Blues and the posts saved The Reds. I’d call it even. This game was a battle from the get go. I loved it and would watch the game again. The quality and intensity of the game puts the EPL on the top of the heap of world football, if it wasn’t there already.

Below are a few themes that I came away with from the game, but I'd say you should try to watch the game if you missed it or catch a majority of the highlights. It was that good. Or if anything, watch the penalty shoot out.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

MLS: Chivas Battle Back

Chivas 3 DC United 1

A surprising turn of events, and the kind of turn around that can lift a club to bigger heights—give the club a boost of confidence for the ensuing games and potentially the entire season.

Preki exudes an intensity that must filter down to his players. His eyes are always darting around whenever the camera catches him on the sidelines. This might be a leap, but in the past, the bulk of the MLS coaches were a haughty bunch, thinking they new everything. Now, the MLS has a strong group of former players who know the game, who played the game well, and know how to treat players.

Gallardo cut the ball back and accurately laced home the first goal for DC, but the second half was all Chivas. Jesse Marsch will be all over the TV and Internet highlight clips as he was caught diving in on this goal.

The classy Gallardo is a quite a few notches above everyone around him. He was fouled blatantly a few times and his passes were too sharp and fast for his own teammates—he’ll have to tone it down a bit. He’s not playing with on the Argentine national team anymore. Marsch, who would score later to redeem himself, is tireless and a fighter, the kind of guy you want on your team. And, to give Marsch a bit of a let off, he was playing out of position, as Preki tried a 3-4-3 system to start things off as they were low on defenders but switched at half to the usual 4-4-2.

Atiba Harris had his hand in all three goals for Chivas. And Flores, who came on for Ante Razov, is becoming much more than just a good story but the real deal:

Flores, the original Sueno MLS winner who had a goal and an assist in a recent swing through England with the U.S. under-20 national team, scored his first career MLS goal in the 82nd minute when he ripped a shot from the left side of the penalty area, set up by a cross-field pass by Harris after he was sprung free with a long ball over the top from Kljestan.

Own Goal of the Year: The own goal of the year goes to Riley of the San Jose Earthquakes, a miscommunication and a bit too much mustard on this header and his got the own goal of the year in the bag. In terms of importance though, he’s got nothing on Liverpool’s Riise. San Jose is going to have a tough time getting out from under two tough losses in a row, and they play Houston next week in a sort of divorced family of a game.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ben Olsen Is Loved

Ben Olsen as media maven, Anti-Beckham, tireless worker, wedding ceremony performer, and Bride pic proof that the MLS has made it....

I always used to say you’d know the MLS had made it when you started to seeing beer and car commercials on Fox Soccer Channel and GOL TV. You know, ads for Bud and Benz rather than the much loved and becoming but kitschy ads like the Sauna Twin, Kick Medic, and the Perfect Push Up.

Now there’s another sign that the MLS is an accepted part of the American sports world, Ben Olsen’s wedding pictures in Bride magazine. Yeah, Ben Olsen’s wedding pictures in Bride magazine are a signal and proof that the MLS has ascended into the American lexicon of sport. This isn’t Beckham wearing his under wear in an ad hovering over an LA freeway ramp, this is Ben Olsen – the now missing, injured, little engine that could for DC United. I’m just saying that when players who might not be the league’s stars start having their wedding pics in the glosses then the league is well on its way.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Juggling in the Game

A few new articles and videos to check out this week. Here we focus on the art of juggling and actually using it in the game. Take a look at these videos and see how it's done: