Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Manchester Will Face Chelsea in Title Game

Chelsea 3 Liverpool 1

Michael Essien is a machine. I was hoping he’d score on that maze like run but maybe he should have crossed it instead of trying to slot into the near post. But the real deal today was Drogba, perhaps the pre-game trash talking by Benitez turned him from the flopper to the strong goal scorer he once was. He nailed the ball into the lower corner on the first goal and proceeded to run to the corner flag and slid on the ground. That wasn’t the end of his celebration though, thought better of it and slid on his knees in front of the Liverpool bench.

Michael Ballack cracked a shot from forty or so yards away that Pepe Reina pushed wide. Ballack never seems to sprint or make any quick moments, always straight-backed posture as he jogs along the pitch. I guess he doesn’t need to sprint when he’s reading the game rather than diving in. He's a player that doesn't seem to be doing anything and then scores off a header or long range shot.

It was a lively match, good possession play by both clubs, but Chelsea deserved to win the match what with the great play from Essien, Drogba, Carvalho, Lampard, and so on. I think overall their collective play, positioning, role players, and general desire were much higher than The Reds.

Javier Mascherano deserves praise—he’s a solid piece to build any team around.

Early on in the game Torres had a chance to score, Gerrard had put him through with a sharp pass but he dribbled in too close and didn’t get the shot off early enough. If they’d scored then the game might have swung their way.

Now Chelsea and Manchester United will battle for the EPL title and then the Champions League title. Ferguson looked on from the stands, wonder who he was rooting for.