Friday, April 4, 2008

LA Won't Fold Yet

LA Galaxy 2 San Jose 0
What a difference a few days make, and what a difference an early goal makes, and what a difference playing a poor team who's just been brought back into the league makes. Momentum equals confidence and LA refuel their confidence with nutmeg goal by Beckham ($5,500,000.08). If San Jose's goal early on wasn't offside, this game could have been much different.

The Galaxy got off to a marvelous start against San Jose through the hustle and pressure of Donovan, who won the ball and setup Becks to the point he could not but score. Sure, sometimes those chances are so easy they give you too much time to think. But Beckham has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and England--he's the real deal.

San Jose is a team that's going to have a tough go this year if this game is any early indicator, as they failed to piece much together in this first game. There were moments that Beckham didn't even touch the ball and the Galaxy were slicing around the Earthquakes with near flair. For the majority of touches by Beckham, he was able to initiate a number of dangerous attacks and that's what sets him apart. The Galaxy need a forward badly, or need Gordon ($72,504.00 per year) to turn into Van Nistelrooy quick like. But that's like Henry joining Seattle, it won't happen.

Looking on in the crowd were Posh and the kids and Kobe Bryant and his wife's ring and the rest of the family in tow. The Galaxy put on a smart display of football--they looked cohesive and Donovan ($900,000.00) is a player that you'd love to see in Europe. Since he has a full array of talents but is playing in a Sunday league when you compare his abilities to those he's plying his trade against day in and day out. If he could play in Europe he'd really prove he's a star, right now he's just a star in a lower level league when compared to the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and so on.

But don't knock Donovan for any lack of toughness. He's a player who battles, and is always srunning and getting into the mix. In the past he has had games where he fads into the background, but those are much more rare these days. In one moment, Nick Garcia met Donovan's upper leg with his foot as both players didn't hold back from going for a fifty fifty ball near the half line.

Two players who'd you expect to have an impact on the game didn't, Romiro Corrales and Ronnie O'Brien, neither had their names called enough. O'Brien did whip in a cross across the goalmouth but there was no one there. Kei Kamara, a tall forward who was active throughout the game, held the ball up for San Jose fairly well but didn't have much help or there was no communication between him and the other forward. This is just the first game for this club though and in the MLS you just need to win ten or eleven games to get into the playoffs. I think they'll struggle but come together if they keep up the fighting spirit.

So the story is LA's on the rebound and have a lot to build off of. Their coach remember has played for a few good teams in his day. Oh how great it would be to be a young player joining this side. Ruud Gullit was drinking a lot of water on the sidelines, his eagerness and desire clear, he wants to win. Look for LA to pick up a few more players and go on a good run. The absence of Xavior was probably a blessing for this club too.

Extra: LA's defender Brandon McDonald ($12,900.00), yes that's his salary, needs Becks to throw a few dollars his way now and again.