Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Liverpool Versus Inter Milan

Where would Atletico Madrid be if they still had Fernando Torres? Wow. They’d be quite a side, and they’re already near the top of La Liga, but if they didn’t sell him, they might not have been able to buy the players they have now. That’s another story that’s in the works, but for today, let’s recap some bits and pieces of the Champions League game that put through the fourth English side into the quarterfinals.

It’s was simply this, Fernando Torres took a pass and turned in what seemed to be the opposite direction of where he should have turned his body when he was at the top of the box, and stroke the ball home decisively with his right foot. The ball hung in the air for a second and then was in the net. 1-0 to Liverpool.

El Nino turned his back as if he was or could have laid the ball off to someone making a trailing run at the top of the box, as he turned the ball was shielded from the keeper. He could have trapped the ball with his left foot and struck it with his left. But what he did was perfect and deceptive, and surprised everyone, the turn away from the goal threw everyone off.

Inter has a few good chances early on, but Liverpool’s keeper was ready, deflected a strong shot and was cat like in holding on to a close in flick after a ball was cut back on the six yard box. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was off his game, sending at least three free kicks over the goal, wasting good chances for Inter.

Can’t wait for the next Champion League matches.

EXTRA: He's captain of the Serbian national team and the winner of the name of the game: Stankovic.