Monday, December 10, 2007

Football Obsession

Hat tip to the for pointing me to this article.

Some managers are so obsessive that football seems to be the only thing on their minds. Take Ivica Osim, who was managing the Japan national side when, on November 16, he suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. For two weeks his family, much of Japan and most of those who knew him rallied round and prayed for what, at the time, looked like an unlikely recovery. Two weeks later he regained consciousness, his wife, Asima, by his side. And, according to reports, what were the first words out of his mouth? “How’s the match going?”

Also a great piece on Real Madrid and their bench acting as a way to light a fire under some of the veterans they were going to replace. Read more...

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Dmitry said...

Great blog. Yes, football is an obsession. Who is your team? Mine is Arsenal. Go Gunners!