Thursday, December 13, 2007

Other Moments in a Soccer Players Life

By way of Dunord, funny post from Mcsweeny's. Sort of along the lines of the Italian players training camp:

It's the off-season. Sergio stands before Sheri, his gorgeous cocoa-skinned girlfriend of nearly one week. They're in his South Beach mansion's movie room. She claims that she loves him ... but she really wants to choose the movie tonight.

"Please, Sergio? I love-love-love Brad Pitt and George Clooney," she says.

Sergio falls to the fine carpet, screaming, holding his hands over his heart as if he had been kicked there. The pain is too much for him to bear! He might not be able to take it one second longer!

Sheri relents.

"Fine. You pick what we watch," she sighs.

The pain suddenly erased from his heart, Sergio stands and kisses Sheri on the cheek.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Football Obsession

Hat tip to the for pointing me to this article.

Some managers are so obsessive that football seems to be the only thing on their minds. Take Ivica Osim, who was managing the Japan national side when, on November 16, he suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. For two weeks his family, much of Japan and most of those who knew him rallied round and prayed for what, at the time, looked like an unlikely recovery. Two weeks later he regained consciousness, his wife, Asima, by his side. And, according to reports, what were the first words out of his mouth? “How’s the match going?”

Also a great piece on Real Madrid and their bench acting as a way to light a fire under some of the veterans they were going to replace. Read more...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mind Over Body

This article from the NY Times isn't focused on soccer but talks about training, and about how you can achieve a lot more than you think you can. The key I think is to take care of your body, eat healthy, get your sleep, and keep your eyes on what you want to achieve. And, if you have an injury, take care of it and don't push yourself. But your body and can a lot more than you think it can--so when you're training go the extra step. If you're in good shape everything else will come easy in soccer.

The moral of the story? No matter how high you jump, how fast you run or swim, how powerfully you row, you can do better. But sometimes your mind gets in the way.

“All maximum performances are actually pseudo-maximum performances,” Dr. Morgan said. “You are always capable of doing more than you are doing.”


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Raul Is Cool As Ice

Raul is in good form this year for Real Madrid but he's always been a cool goal scorer and wise player - making smart runs off the ball and always in the right place at the right time. Now, as he gets older, he's doing whatever he can to maintain his form. Hat top to for the article.

Raul Gonzalez's ice-cold precision on the soccer field is no fluke.

The Real Madrid striker is bathing in ice and sleeping in high-altitude conditions, and he's off to his best start in nearly a decade with eight goals in 14 Spanish league matches.

"I've done it because of the love I have for this team and this club, and I have never thought about how it could hurt me," Raul said Tuesday about his ice baths, which can last up to 10 minutes.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Best Soccer Player in the World Poll

Messi win the best player in the world poll. I think well chosen. He's playing the best soccer right now and is capable of surprising you whenever he touches the ball.

However, as the title chase in each league and Champions League moves into the later rounds, then we'll know who the best players are, the great ones show up for the big games and score goals. Thanks for voting.

Messi 42 (29%)

Ronaldinho 38 (26%)

Kaka 21 (14%)

Cristiano Ronaldo 24 (17%)

Henry 13 (9%)

3 (2%)