Sunday, November 11, 2007

Robinho Shines Again for Real Madrid

Real Madrid 4 Majorca 2

If there are any forwards who want to learn how to make runs, watch Raul of Real Madrid, and Ruud for that matter. But Raul checks to the ball at just the right moments. He’s there right in front of the goal for Robinho’s cross. Have I mentioned yet again how Robinho’s challenging Messi for the best soccer player in the world? Then again Robinho can't make maze runs like Messi--think Messi's still clear at the top right now. We'll see how the poll plays out though on the right of this blog. The bits and pieces of the Real Madrid versus Majorca that I saw were highlight moments of Robinho: a back heel and then continuing his run to get on to a header and score and beating his defender down the line to cross to Raul. Ruud scored another great goal--what if Man U still had him upfront? However, the slender genius is running the show in Madrid. He was sipping water from the bench when he came off like it was champagne--as if this is too easy. He’s a pleasure to watch.

What with Barcelona losing to Getafe, Madrid took full advantage. Although they conceded a goal early on, Real Madrid fought back to secure the win and go cleanly on top of La Liga--tapas and beers for all tonight in Madrid.

Hat tip to for the video.

Over in England, Cristiano scored two and Chelsea tied, putting Manchester United clearly ahead of the table in the land of fish and chips.

You talk about politicians spinning facts and news, how about Ferguson's quote about Scholes knee surgery:

'The surgeon has reported that the condition generally of his knee was excellent with no concerns.

'He will be back, refreshed and eager, in January. It will be like signing a new player in the transfer window for the second half of the season.'

The thing is, I think he's right.