Saturday, November 10, 2007

Houston Beats Kansas City

Houston Dynamo 2 Kansas City 0

How about them Houston Dynamo cheerleaders? No really, fun game to watch and looking forward to the final.

What a great atmosphere down there in Houston, in the range of 30,000 fans and the announcers said about half were Hispanic, and there aren’t any Latin players on the Houston team. I think this is a special team. A team other clubs should look to model themselves after and the MLS should strive build clubs like this team. LA Galaxy wants to go sexy and Hollywood, where Houston has shown that hard work and a team that sticks together brings titles. But don’t forget LA almost snuck in to the playoffs with a late run. Another interesting point was made by the announcers, no big bad stars on this team or on New England, no Blanco or Beckham, no big money. I’m becoming more of a fan of the MLS no doubt.

Houston looks like they're building a following, and they ain't coming just for the cheerleaders.