Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Beckham Show Starts Up Again

After the tough loss to Croatia, where Becks came on in the second half and fed Crouchinho with a laser perfect first time cross, he touched down in Australia in a private jet for the Galaxy's friendly match. Beckham, who is a class player still at the top his game in my overall opinion, has a lot to make up though, in terms of his run with his MLS team. After battling a number of injuries, his team went on a 9-10 game winning streak to get into the MLS playoffs without Beckham, only to lose out in the last game of the season with Beckham miss playing the ball that led to Chicago's goal late in the game.

The former England captain apparently wants no other special treatment while Down Under for the Galaxy's exhibition match Tuesday night against Sydney FC before a sellout crowd of 80,000 at the former Olympic stadium.

Beckham's visit has spurred sales of his Galaxy jersey - 20,000 have been sold in Australia in the past month.

That's a lot of jersey's. I'm looking forward to the coming year for the Galaxy, and now they've got Ruud Gullit no less leading the Beckham Show ship that is the LA Galaxy. I'm sure they'll be bringing in some more stars to lift this team out of the gutter of the MLS.