Sunday, November 4, 2007

Barcelona Versus Real Betis - Sunday Stroll

Barcelona 3 Real Betis 0

At the camp nou, an opposing team is already nearly behind when the game kicks off. And in reality, Real Betis was down one goal when Iniesta fed Henry with a through pass which Henry poked through the legs of the on rushing keepers hands. Henry’s teammates were happier than he was after the goal. Perhaps, they understand all the pressure that’s been placed on Henry of late, his form not as sharp as it was with Arsenal. Henry has said that he doesn’t get the ball as fast as he did at Arsenal. It’s a slower build up rather than quick counters that favors Henry’s speed. Did Barcelona really need to sign Henry? I don’t think they did. I hope he can shine at this club. Get the ball early and be able to run at defenders. But with Etoo in the wings, who seems to mesh better with this club better than Henry, and then the youngsters De Santos and Bojan, both slight figures who seem like they can’t stand up to the punishment of top leagues, but do, Henry seems superfluous. Messi nearly scored as he mazed through a few defenders, cutting the ball back as he glided towards goal, turning the defender around, only to have the ball miss the far post.

It was Ronaldinho who stepped up in the second half and buried a free kick from deep. The announcer referring to how fans are comparing him to Beckham, both only good for free kicks now, but the announcer disagreed with this opinion as most should. Later, Ronny would add another goal via a free kick, scrapping the post with a free kick at the top of the box, as the Real Betis wall jumped and spilt, opening a space for the ball. It was all Barcelona, short little teasing passes throughout the game, at times not as sharp as they could have been. The win could have been in the double digits, this was like a Sunday stroll on Las Ramblas, without the pickpockets.

Videos of the goals to come.