Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will the LA Galaxy Make the Playoffs?

The old story book or Hollywood ending. Was it all planned? Beckham gets hurt. His team wins without him. They're hesitant to bring him back. In the end they do and he scores the game winner in the final. Galaxy sells another big chunk of Beckham jerseys. How many have they sold so far? I don't know if that's all going to happen, but I'm sure pulling for the Galaxy to win the rest of their games and keep playing. You got to tip your hat to Donovan--he's the engine of this team.

The other big topic is will Beckham leave on loan in the winter. I think he should and it would be good for all parties. Sure, they need Beckham to actually play for the Galaxy and be healthy, but I think it helps brand Beckham if he also plays in Euro 2008, which he wants to do. Beckham is still young and plays great soccer. I'd like to see him in the EPL when the snow starts to fall in England and the sun is shining in LA.