Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mr. Demarcus Beasley

Rangers 0 Barcelona 0

I only caught bits and pieces of this Champions League draw but it's pretty amazing to see DaMarcus Beasley out there on the same pitch as Ronaldinho, Messi, Henry and so on. I thought I just saw him strutting his stuff in an episode of The Wire, talking trash and playing the game. No, no, it's just that I'm watching all the past shows via on demand and it's such a great show I had to mention it. The first season of the Wire is genius. Beasley's got the verve to play the game, whether it's on the Wire or the pitch. I think John Harkes maybe was the first American to play Champions League soccer, no maybe that was score in the FA Cup. Who was the first, must be Kasey Keller or Reyna or Ramos?

But Beasley is a go getter. He doesn't shirk from pressure or exposure, rather, he seems to like it. He seems to seek it out and wants the challenge. In one instance, Beasley stole the ball from Henry and then raced up field, put the ball through the on rushing defender, but was was chased down by Henry and bumped to the ground. As Henry ran back down the field he motioned with his hand for Beasley to get up off the pitch. Henry should have scored earlier with a header. He was in clean, the goal his own after a cross.

But how wonderful is it for young US soccer players to have someone like Beasley, playing against these legends, to look up to. As a kid, almost naively, you think you can get to any level, but now, with American players, more and more, actually playing in Europe, it seems like a bridge has been built, and a wide one, that more and more youth players will cross and play in Europe. After the game, Beasley was shaking hands with Ronaldinho, smiles on both their faces. Who's shirt did he get? Rangers held Barcelona to a draw, despite a nearly 70% possession stat in favor of Barca.

Let's hope Adu gets a run in the Champions League with Benfica. Does he remind me of the Kobe Bryant of soccer? No, not in terms of other worldly type talent that Kobe has, but a bit of arrogance in his play, maybe a bit selfish. Adu is young, like Kobe, and has a long way to go yet, a young kid who might get jacked on the Wire but learn from it quick.