Thursday, October 18, 2007

LA Galaxy Verus New York Red Bulls

LA Galaxy 1 New York 1

They now need Kansas City to lose and then beat Chicago.

Beckham must have been eager to get out there, not just because he hasn’t played in a while but it must have fired him up even more watching England lose recently, and frustrated he was playing for that team either. Probably calling Tom Cruise for spiritual guidance this past month, or maybe just getting poshed by Posh more often. Not sure what that means.

I was looking forward to this match, and can’t say I’ve really looked forward to too many MLS games in general, but the last few years I’ve become more of a fan of the MLS. I only caught the second half but here’s my take on a few things.

The LA Galaxy pushed it through till the end but the question was should Beckham play or let the team that was on the streak stay intact. Really, Yallop should have left Pavon on the bench and started Buddle or Clinton, and then left Vagenas on for the remainder of the match rather than the rookie Tudela. Who didn’t play poorly, rather, he was sharp and nearly scored off a Beckham corner at the top of the box, but Vagenas is a warrior and has great fight. Can’t second guess too much though, sure, maybe they should have left Beckham off entirely, but I think he brought the game to another level. He swung the ball to the corners and settled the ball on occasion. In one moment there were four or five sharp passes and Donovan was put through with a chip. Donovan is a class player there’s no question, and just didn’t get enough of the ball as the game wound down. That’s the thing, it’s really Donovan’s team and he has to get the ball.

My hats off to Beckham, with all the hope on his shoulders, almost replacing Adu as the savior of the league, I think he shows he’s a professional of the highest level. He stepped right in a battled in this game only to have his fitness take a bite out of his fight towards the end.

New York, deserved a penalty kick and Angel missed a great chance when he was setup nicely by the speedster Dane Richards. Jozy Altidore has to stay upfront. He's a forward. The kid's just 17, a lot of money headed his way. He's trying too hard though, wants to do so much.

Go LA LA LA. Hope they can get into the playoffs.