Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Barcelona's New Stars - Bojan, Giovani

New Barcelona star Bojan Krkic Perez scores against Villareal. Bojan's dad played for Red Star Belgrade and after he married a Spanish women, when he moved to Spain, he became a scout for Barcelona. His son is the new next Barcelona star.

There's all this talk about Ronaldinho fading away, and new young players taking his place. Sports are a cutthroat business. One day you score a hattrick to put your team into the Champions League, as Rivaldo did for Barcelona, and before you know it you're gone. But Ronaldinho is just 27, let's hope he emulates Zidane and continues to play at the elite level he plays at for years to come. Of course I love seeing these new young players come up, Iniesta is tremendous, and Messi is the best in the world right now, but don't want to see amazing players pushed out and pressured by fans when they've done so much for the team already. Then there's talk of Ronaldinho partying too much or not being in shape. There's an interesting piece on the new young talent at Barcelona and more about Ronaldinho:

Wenger believes he has the next Fàbregas, possibly the next Ronaldinho, under his wing already. He is grooming Denilson, a Brazilian youth, just as Barcelona grooms Giovani, Bojan, Crosas.

What's also interesting about this is who's developing the best young talent, Arsenal or Barcelona or teams in Argentina?