Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adu's Heel & Mr. Edu

USA 1 Switzerland 0

Freddy Adu came into the game, in the last fifteen minutes or so, as if it was a pickup game down the street. His first touch was a sublime back heel, and then from there he almost scored, was kicked in the face, and hit a weak but eager free kick. It's great to see Adu do some good things and get over all the pressure put upon him as the MLS's savior. Now, hopefully he can get in a few games for Benfica.

Edu, just 21, played his first game for the national team with a lot of toughness and seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Sure, he was a bit rusty at times, missing passes, but looks like he's going to be a regular in that spot. He wins balls and is athletic, but also can do something special from time to time. Don't think he'll be playing on Canadian soil much longer or US soil for that matter. US players are good but also cheap compared to most.

The USA gets a win in Europe and the youngsters bring the energy. Danny Szetela, like Edu, also won his first cap and was the one who put the cross in that led to the goal. Bradley, the son not the dad, notched his first goal and the win for the USA in the closing minutes of a soaked pitch--that was like a slip in slid and times.