Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Women's Soccer League to Start in 2009

What great news that must be for all women's soccer players but especially for the women competing in the World Cup in China. It gives the players more of an incentive to play well and earn a contract with a pro team in the US. What will the players earn?

The investors decided to wait to start the new venture until after this month's Women's World Cup in China and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

''We did not want to impact the various national teams between these two events and we did not want our league to take the focus away from these two great events for our players or our fans,'' said Michael Stoller, managing partner for Boston Women's Soccer, the ownership group of the Boston Breakers.

The seven ownership groups are: AEG L.A. Women's Soccer; Boston Women's Soccer; Chicago Professional Women's Soccer; Hendricks Investment Holdings (Washington); St. Louis United Soccer; Sky Blue Women's Soccer (New Jersey/New York); and Sting Soccer Group (Dallas).