Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Soccer Finance - Transfer Spending in England

I'm always interested in how the money flows. It usually cuts to the chase and avoids politics or any other let's say drama. If you read the business section you'll better understand the world than if you read the front page. Newspapers have to sell papers and a lot of the time the news can get mixed up with trying to create controversy. Sure, it happens online as well, and I might do it from time to time, it's the way things work--but I do hope I pull together and write interesting articles not touched on by other sites. But anyway, the money flowed into the EPL because of TV deals and thus the transfer market shot up:

Despite winning the Premier League last season, Manchester United were the biggest spenders during 2007, shelling out £51million on players.

They were closely followed by Liverpool (£50million), while Tottenham spent £40million in their quest for Champions League qualification and newly-promoted Sunderland spent £35million.

Twelve clubs spent more than £20million on players, up from three in 2006.

Overseas clubs did well out of English sides, receiving £250million for players which accounts for half of all spending by Premier League teams.

Real Madrid were 2007's biggest spenders in Europe, with an outlay of around £80million, while Thierry Henry's transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona pushed the Catalan team's spending up to around the £50million mark.