Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Roma Versus Fiorentina - Giuly Factor

I usually don't watch a lot of the Italian league. Fox soccer channel just doesn't show too much and I've been sucked into the EPL the last ten years or so. But I caught Roma versus Fiorentina the other day. And, what with Roma set to face Manchester United in the champions League, it was good to see them and sets the stage for a great match. Roma beat Man u in Italy and then were scorched in Manchester, 7 goals notched against them I believe.

Roma is tied with Inter Milan at the top of the table, with stars like Giuly, Mancini, Pizarro, Cicinho, and so on, no wonder they're at the top. And Totti of course, but he didn't play against Fiorentina. I was more intrigued as the game wore on. The pace was comparable to the EPL, and the skill level a bit above, Mancini beautifully chipped the keeper after a Giuly dummy, and then Aquilani dummied for Giuly who struck home for Roma again. But Roma gave away a penalty late otherwise they would have been on top alone.

Giuly, maybe he's the x-factor this year in the Champions League, like Larsson the last few years, first helping Barca win the Champions League and then Manchester United in the early rounds. What a great pickup he was for Roma. Can't wait for the game next week.