Friday, September 28, 2007

Marta's Goal and KeeperGate

Marta scored an amazing goal against the US, a very sad ending to a tough defeat. Now, all the talk is about the decision of the American coach, Greg Ryan, to place Briana Scurry in goal over Hope Solo. Scurry, who played previously against Brazil this year and won, and is renowned for her quickness and shot stopping, didn't play that many games overall the past few years. A few of the women's games past stars weigh in with their thoughts and insight:

Foudy: "There are so many talented players out there, and you wonder, 'Is this program building? Is it growing? Is that the best soccer we can produce? Is this the direction we want to go in?' I don't think it is."

Chastain: "People say this is a step back, but I think Greg Ryan has put us three steps back – all the way to the starting gate," said Chastain, the 1999 World Cup hero who watched Thursday's loss from her home in Northern California. "He lacks the ability to communicate and is not in tune with his players, and he's obviously not a tactician or he wouldn't have made the decisions he did.

More Foudy
: "You see some of the sub patterns, and you say, 'What the hell?' " Foudy said. "You take out one of your fastest players (Heather O'Reilly) and put in a marking back (Tina Ellertson) to man-mark (Brazil star striker) Marta? If you're going to make the bold move of changing the keepers but then go ultra-conservative when you're down 2-0, as if you're in a bunker mentality, what are you doing?"

More Chastain: "To be fair to Greg, the goalkeeper change didn't really bother me, because I know Bri and trust her so much in that context," she said. "The thing I didn't like about it was the timing, how he sprang it on the girls, and how it had to have affected their mood. When I saw the Brazilian players walking off the bus at the stadium (on television) dancing and high-fiving and smiling, and our players were all tensed up, I knew this would be a tough deal."
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Anonymous said...

seems clear the collective behavior
of US girls was too defensive from the beginning.
Defensive attitude, added up to
change of goalie on the eve...They
went to the field seemingly above all instructed: we must 1st of all
cut down and wear out marta&cristine´s attacks.
This permitted among other things brazil to move forward their midfielders forming an advance line... a dream positioning for a
an offensie team.The 1st half 2x0
and mainly, the stupid prior-to-match 3-days comments of Ryan by the press against brazilian type of game...did the rest.
But the lesson was learned no doubt.