Monday, August 27, 2007

The Contest

No, not the one on Senfield. Sorry, it was an easy reference. But a contest where you can win a La Liga, EPL, Italian League, or MLS jersey if you choose, for posting soccer tips. Send us your favorite soccer move, what player is an expert or does the move and a link to the YouTube video, we will select a winner, who will win a soccer jersey of their choice from Eurosport.

Simply post the move and links within this blog post and we will choose the winner. Or, if you choose, you can send us the move and link via email to:
info @ (remove the spaces when you send the email)

UPDATE: Selected winner will receive $60.00 to buy a jersey via Eurosport. Payment will be sent via Paypal.

Monday, August 20, 2007

LA Versus New York Red Bulls

The highlights

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Time is Now for New York

If the New York Red Bulls cannot attract new fans after Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Galaxy, then they might as well just hang up the cleats. 66,237 people turned out to see Beckham make his first MLS start, but they weren’t all star-gazers.

The boisterous crowd booed Beckham on every set piece, though he was initially able to quiet them with two assists in the first eight minutes. Taking this one in from the stands instead of the press box, I was able to get a genuine feel for the crowd.

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